Gourmet Cat Food – Calling All Chefs, Cat In Need of Food

Is your cat a princess, the king of the house, or just a finicky eater? Gourmet cat food allows us to treat our cat with the style, class, and dignity our cats believe they deserve.

Gourmet cat food will help make sure you establish your cats rightful place in your home. We already know they are the supreme ruler. We were born to be their servants, and bringing them their gourmet dishes is only appropriate.

On a more serious note, you will find many foods on the market listed as gourmet. What does this really mean as far as quality and taste for your cat? Depending on brands it can mean next to nothing. Many brands of cat food have simply thrown the word gourmet on their labels as part of their marketing scheme. The recipe inside the can is virtually identical to any other cat food they produce.

On higher quality brands it can mean a world of difference. Gourmet cat food from companies like Fancy Feast and other quality brands are filled with exactly what your cat craves. Instead of discovering fillers listed first or second on the list of ingredients you find fish, beef, liver, pork, and chicken listed as the primary ingredients. Your cat is a carnivore and wants high quality meat.

This is where learning to read labels on your cat food selections is highly important. While you may feel like you are doing your cat a favor buying gourmet or other special selections, unless you check the labels closely you will not really know.

What you need to look for on the label is what the first several ingredients are. Usually checking the first 3 to 4 items will give you a good idea of the quality of the cat food. If those positions are filled with high quality food, and not referencing the word meal, you are probably buying a high quality food. Pay attention to what the producer is telling you is in the food by their packaging, also. If they are claiming it is a chicken flavored cat food and when you turn over to look at the ingredients it lists chicken by-product, chicken meal, and corn meal as the first three items you need to wonder. This means nothing is high quality chicken, it is all low quality.

What about flavor? We often start putting our own taste buds into our decision making for our pets. Gravy sounds like something which should be good. Think in terms of your cat. What do they crave? They are meat eaters by nature. They are seeking out high quality meat and do not care about gravy, salt, and spices. While they will lick the gravy up with excitement, it is not the primary fuel for their bodies, and not what they really need.

You are more likely to get higher quality foods when the label reads premium, special blend, or gourmet cat food, since the company is charging more for the product. Just do not trust their advertising as the deciding factor. Take the time to check the labels to make sure your cat is really getting the quality food you want them to have.