Snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles and other scaly reptiles.

exotic lizards

Exotic Lizards – From Unusual To Downright Weird

Having pet lizards are already heading into territory most of your friends and family have not ventured. Taking the next step and getting exotic lizards increases your oddity as a pet owner and your fun. One of the more fun and interesting…
buy reptiles

Buy Reptiles - Should You Get Wild Caught Or Breeder Raised?

Reptiles are readily available from a wide variety of sources. Pet stores, professional breeders, friends, and even the crazy kid down the street who loves catching wild reptiles. Which reptile is going to make your best pet? Before you buy…
reptile cages

Reptile Cages - Providing A Quality Home For Your Reptiles

What is the first thing you think of for your reptile enclosure? Most of you probably instantly thought of reptile aquariums which are the most common enclosure. These are great for small reptiles, but what about those reptiles which get large?…
live reptile food

Live Reptile Food - Discovering The Buffet Line Your Reptile Loves

You can be sure of one thing about live reptile food, you are not going to wish to sample any of it. Your reptiles idea of a great buffet is the same meal which would have us running to the bathroom. Live reptile food covers a wide range…
pet lizards

Pet Lizards - Choosing the Right Lizard For Your Home

Pet lizards are one of the greatest pets you can own. They are fun to watch, safe, and never cause household damage. Choosing the right lizard is one of the fun parts of getting your pet lizard. There are many varieties of lizards which people…
bearded dragons

Bearded Dragons - Should A Beardie Be Your First Reptile?

Bearded Dragons have established a strong reputation for being ideal first reptiles. They are fairly easy to care for and have a great disposition. Bearded Dragons are not a large lizard. They grow to approximately two feet long making them…
cat enclosures

Reptile Enclosures - Matching The Enclosure to Your Reptile

Reptiles enclosures seem to be a simple thing. You just buy a reptile aquarium or cage and you are done. If it were only this simple, but it is not. You must match your reptiles to the proper enclosure for the best success. Reptiles are one…
reptile breeding

Reptile Bedding - Choosing the Right Floor for Your Reptiles

When you start choosing reptiles you want to own, you are also making a decision on the type of reptile bedding which needs to line the bottom of their enclosure. Reptile bedding needs to closely match the environmental factors your reptile…
reptile breeding

Reptile Breeding - Preparing For A Multitude Of Tiny Reptiles

Reptile breeding becomes an interest of almost every long-term reptile owner. They have watched their pet go from baby to a mature adult and loved the experience. The next logical step is to watch their reptiles have their own offspring. Reptile…
pet snakes

Pet Snakes - The Slithering Fun In Your Home

Just imagine seeing a snake slowly slithering in your home. This thought brings fearful thoughts to a wide cross-section of the population. They hear the word snake, see a darting tongue, and see a snakes body and they prepare for flight. For…