cichlid fish

Cichlid Fish - The Family of Fish Which Keeps On Growing

Cichlid fish are one of the favorite families of fish for owners who love vivid colors, high variety, and fish which are very social in the aquarium. The challenge with Cichlid fish is figuring out which one you are talking about. The Cichlid…
fish keeping

Fish Keeping - The Art of Maintaining A Great Aquarium

Fish keeping is one of the largest hobbies in the world. Some estimates put it as the second most popular hobby in the world only surpassed by photography. This makes perfect sense when you consider the beauty, elegance, and ease of care in…
tropical fish tank temperature

Tropical Fish Tank Temperature - No Freezing Or Cooking Required

Have you ever visited the tropics and dropped your feet into the water? It is nice and warm and rarely changes. Ocean water in an area does not vary greatly throughout a day or even a week. Your tropical fish tank temperature needs to maintain…
goldfish tanks

Goldfish Tanks - Successful Goldfish Owners Use The Right Tanks

Are you ready to have goldfish in your home? Have you already started shopping for an aquarium to keep them in? Before you buy you must understand what successful goldfish owners already understand. Goldfish tanks should never be one of the…
cichlid tropical fish

Cichlid Tropical Fish - Over 2000 Reasons One May Be In Your Tank

Cichlid tropical fish are nature’s diversity at work. Over 2000 separate varieties of cichlid have been identified so far, and scientists are confident they will find many more, expecting to find up to 3000 separate varieties. This very…
freshwater tropical fish

Freshwater Tropical Fish - Keeping Life Simple For Your Aquarium

Your little black dog jumps up in your lap and you start to pet them, scratching behind their ears. You look down and notice their fur is filled with white flakes which have sprinkled down on to your lap and chair, too. Dog dandruff is common,…
rare tropical fish

Rare Tropical Fish - Do You Want The Oddballs of The Fish World?

Are you wanting to shake up your aquarium and add something really unusual? You can choose from one of the many oddball rare tropical fish to make your tank special. Some of these rare tropical fish are very unusual in appearance, and you…
goldfish breeders

Goldfish Breeders - Facts They Know About Breeding You Need To Know

Do goldfish breeders have a knack for raising goldfish or are they just lucky? The truth, they have simply learned a few lessons, become very observant, and make breeding goldfish very straightforward. Here are some of their lessons you must…