Loyal and intelligent, dogs are mans best friend.

colitis in dogs

Colitis In Dogs - Signs of Colitis And How You Can Help Your Dog

Colitis in dogs is going to be accompanied by one thing every dog owner hates. A whining, complaining dog. Your dog is going to be miserable and is sure to let you know. Colitis is a swollen or inflamed large intestine. Colitis can be called…
pet adoption centers

Pet Adoption Centers - Giving The Gift of Love To Both Your Family and The Pet

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Most pet adoption centers are really in the job of rescuing animals. The pets they offer for adoption have usually been abandoned or turned in by owners who cannot properly care for them. The pets need you. They need love, protection, and a…
pet health questions

Pet Health Questions - Do You Know Where To Get the Best Answers?

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Pet owners are always filled with pet health questions. Your pet is acting a little odd, and you are not sure if they have a health problem or just having a bad mood day. Where should you go to get the best answers? The challenge for all…
removing ticks from dogs

Removing Ticks From Dogs - The Best Method to Use For Successful Tick Removal

If your dog loves the outdoors and heads into the brush, trees, and tall grass it is just a matter of time before you have to deal with a tick. It is important to know proper techniques for removing ticks from dogs to avoid possible infections…
pet playpen

Pet Playpen - Give Your Pet A Safe Place To Play

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At home, you may let your pets run free and unfettered through the house while you are with them. Sometimes you wish they would stay in one place while you try to get some work done. A pet playpen is a great way to give them a play area in your…
electric dog collar

Electric Dog Collars - The Best Training Tool or Cruelty To Dogs?

The first vision uninformed people get when they hear about electric dog collars is of a painful shock making the dog scream in pain and drop to their bellies. Is this the vision you have? You need to take a few minutes to learn the truth behind…
big dog clothing

Big Dog Clothing - Be Careful What You Ask For Or You May Get A Big Surprise

When you walk into a mall and you ask for Big Dog Clothing, you better be prepared. Are you wanting to find clothes for your over-sized canine, or are you looking for clothes to put on your own body? If you are looking to outfit your rather…
dog modeling

Dog Modeling - Is Your Dog Ready For Their Debut?

Do you have a really cute looking dog? Your dog looks great every time the camera snaps, and the pictures always come out great. You may be able to earn some extra money by entering the world of dog modeling. Dog modeling does require a few…
dog behaviorist

Dog Behaviorist - Important Concepts Of How A Behaviorist Changes Your Dog

Adding a dog to your home starts an entirely new sequence of events, and often a struggle for control ensues. You may soon discover your dog has developed all kinds of bad behaviors you want to see changed. A Dog behaviorist has been trained…
holidays with dogs

Holidays With Dogs - Winning Ideas to Have Your Dog Enjoy The Holiday Too

Which is harder, holidays with kids, or holidays with dogs? The answer is undoubtedly holidays with dogs. Everyone expects the kids to go along, and the accommodations are always easy. With a little planning, it can be almost as easy taking…