search and rescue dog

How To Get Started With Search And Rescue Dog Training

Search and rescue dog training is a challenging choice for training your dog. This is one type of training you will need to make the decision about early in your dog's life. Usually, the dogs must start their training as young puppies. When…
pet adoption centers

Pet Adoption Centers - Giving The Gift of Love To Both Your Family and The Pet

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Most pet adoption centers are really in the job of rescuing animals. The pets they offer for adoption have usually been abandoned or turned in by owners who cannot properly care for them. The pets need you. They need love, protection, and a…
electric dog collar

Electric Dog Collars - The Best Training Tool or Cruelty To Dogs?

The first vision uninformed people get when they hear about electric dog collars is of a painful shock making the dog scream in pain and drop to their bellies. Is this the vision you have? You need to take a few minutes to learn the truth behind…
big dog clothing

Big Dog Clothing - Be Careful What You Ask For Or You May Get A Big Surprise

When you walk into a mall and you ask for Big Dog Clothing, you better be prepared. Are you wanting to find clothes for your over-sized canine, or are you looking for clothes to put on your own body? If you are looking to outfit your rather…
dog modeling

Dog Modeling - Is Your Dog Ready For Their Debut?

Do you have a really cute looking dog? Your dog looks great every time the camera snaps, and the pictures always come out great. You may be able to earn some extra money by entering the world of dog modeling. Dog modeling does require a few…
pet value

Pet Value – Can You Put A Price On Your Pet?

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Pet stores do it all the time. Breeders are comfortable with the process. What is the pet value of your cute pet? Why can a breeder and pet store owner do it so easily, and you find it nearly impossible. What is the value of your pet? If…
indestructible dog bed

Indestructible Dog Bed - Is It Possible For A Dog Bed To Survive?

How fast can your dog destroy a dog bed? Does it take a few weeks, or are you lucky and the dog beds last for a few months? An indestructible dog bed would be a money-saving blessing for most pet owners. You have seen the results of your…
designer dog accessories

Designer Dog Accessories - Who Should Have Better Outfits, You or Your Dog?

In many families our dogs are just a precious as our children, sometimes they are the children. When you love your dogs like your own children, it is completely sensible to outfit them in designer dog accessories to make them look special and…
portuguese water dog

Portuguese Water Dog Puppies - Are You Ready For Fishing Or Just A Fun Puppy?

When looking for a new dog and you want something special, you should consider Portuguese Water Dog puppies.  These puppies are not only cute, cuddly, and playful, they come from a special breed with a unique talent. We have all heard of…
custom dog beds

Custom Dog Beds - The Lifestyle of The Rich and Famous for Pampered Puppies

Is your puppy or dog the cutest critter in town? Does your dog give you endless joy, and deserves to be pampered? You should consider custom dog beds for your special friends. A custom bed can be designed to approximate the size of your dog.…