dog skin conditions

Dog Health Issues

Has your dog started having seizures? Epilepsy in dogs most commonly starts in dogs between the ages of 2 to 3 years old. Some puppies start experiencing seizures as young as 6 months old. Luckily epileptic seizures are not highly common, and…
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Dog Health Tips

One of the most common problems dogs is taken to the veterinarian for is dog skin conditions. There is a wide range of skin conditions which afflict dogs, and as a dog owner, you need to be aware of some of the most common. The one almost…
cataracts in dogs

Cataracts In Dogs And What You Should Know About It

Is your dog starting to get a little older, and you are starting to see some milkiness in their eyes? Your mind probably instantly concluded it is cataracts. Cataracts in dogs are fairly common, but what you are seeing may not be cataracts after…
rimadyl for dogs

Rimadyl For Dogs - Getting Older Does Not Mean Your Dog Must Suffer with Arthritis

As dogs start getting a little older one of the biggest concerns expressed by owners is the onset of arthritis. You start noticing your buddy is getting a little slower, having difficulty jumping up into the chairs, and wincing in pain. You…
colitis in dogs

Colitis In Dogs - Signs of Colitis And How You Can Help Your Dog

Colitis in dogs is going to be accompanied by one thing every dog owner hates. A whining, complaining dog. Your dog is going to be miserable and is sure to let you know. Colitis is a swollen or inflamed large intestine. Colitis can be called…
pet health questions

Pet Health Questions - Do You Know Where To Get the Best Answers?

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Pet owners are always filled with pet health questions. Your pet is acting a little odd, and you are not sure if they have a health problem or just having a bad mood day. Where should you go to get the best answers? The challenge for all…
discount pet drugs

Discount Pet Drugs - Reduce Your Costs of Pet Care Safely

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Have you just received the shocking news your pet is going to require medication for the rest of their life? This can not only come as a shock to your senses but to your wallet, too. You are going to want to find sources for discount pet drugs…
pet insurance quotes

Pet Insurance Quotes - What You Must Watch For Carefully

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Insurance is always a game of trying to interpret the legal talk in the policies and quotes we are given. Pet insurance quotes are no different. They are filled with little items which if not noticed can leave you paying a major medical bill…
pet medical insurance

Pet Medical Insurance - Removing The Financial Fear Of Pet Ownership

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Do you worry about what will happen if your pet is in an accident or has a major medical problem? Many pet owners become terrified of the idea of making the choice between emptying their bank account and losing their pet. If you have pet medical…
dog grooming courses

Dog Grooming Courses - Take Your Passion For Dogs and Create a Career

Dog grooming courses can help you take your passion for being around dogs, and care for dogs, and help you create a profitable career. You can find dog grooming courses in almost every state and most nations around the world. As you start…