dog behaviorist

Dog Behaviorist - Important Concepts Of How A Behaviorist Changes Your Dog

Adding a dog to your home starts an entirely new sequence of events, and often a struggle for control ensues. You may soon discover your dog has developed all kinds of bad behaviors you want to see changed. A Dog behaviorist has been trained…
cavachon dogs

Cavachon Dogs – When You Want Beauty, Friendliness, and Fun, Choose a Cavachon

Cavachon Dogs is one of the finest breeds available for living in your home or apartment. If you are looking for a great natured dog, with the proper size, and a great fun personality, the Cavachon may be perfect for you. Cavachon Dogs are…
american bulldog

American Bull Dogs - Should This Dog Be Used as the Standard We Hold All Americans To?

What is it about the American Bull Dogs which makes them an animal which every American should strive to emulate?  While they are a good looking dog, they are definitely not classified as beautiful, so we can eliminate beauty as the criteria. The…