burmilla cats

Burmilla Cats - The Magic Of Accidental Breeding

Sometimes the best new developments in the cat world come from totally unexpected accidents. This is exactly how the Burmilla Cats came into existence. The breed officially had their start in 1981 when a Lilac Burmese female was accidentally…
pet adoption centers

Pet Adoption Centers - Giving The Gift of Love To Both Your Family and The Pet

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Most pet adoption centers are really in the job of rescuing animals. The pets they offer for adoption have usually been abandoned or turned in by owners who cannot properly care for them. The pets need you. They need love, protection, and a…
california natural cat food

California Natural Cat Food - Is Your Cat A Natural Food Beach Bum?

Cats have several traits which make them the love of cat owner's lives. They are independent, loving, and the ultimate bums. They love to lounge around, then wander over and have an all natural meal. They have all the traits of a true California…
ragdoll cat

Ragdoll Cat Breed - The Big Beautiful Breed of the Cat Family

Do you love large cats? The Ragdoll cat breed is one of the largest of the domesticated cats. With males sometimes getting up to 20 pounds they are a very large cat. Females can hit weights of around 15 pounds. While the Ragdoll is a large cat…
american curl cat

American Curl Cat - Step Up To A Special Breed of Cat

The American Curl Cat is one of the most interesting cats you will run across. If you want a cat which is going to bring smiles to your family, friends, and potentially at cat shows, the American Curl is excellent. The Curl in their name…
rspca cats

RSPCA Cats - Do You Qualify To Adopt A Cat?

The Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is one of the noblest societies in the world. Their mission of saving animals who cannot protect themselves is crucial. RSPCA Cats have rescued cats who are now in need of rehoming. If…
cat sweaters

Cat Sweaters - Alluring Designs to Keep Your Cat Warm and Beautiful

We have all seen cute little dogs running around in their cute little jackets, coats, and sweaters. It is less common to see cats outfitted in cat sweaters and outfits which is a real shame. A cat dressed up in a sweater is just as cute, if…
pet value

Pet Value – Can You Put A Price On Your Pet?

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Pet stores do it all the time. Breeders are comfortable with the process. What is the pet value of your cute pet? Why can a breeder and pet store owner do it so easily, and you find it nearly impossible. What is the value of your pet? If…
pet grave markers

Pet Grave Markers - Create A Place of Remembrance for Your Cherished Friend

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Years of love and companionship have come to an end. Your friend has moved on to a new home of joyously playing without the burden of old age or illness, but they left one thing behind. They left behind an empty place in your heart. You need…
pet shops

Pets Shops - The Best Stores for Pet Lovers

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How often do you visit pets shops? You know you are an addict if it is more than once each week. Maybe you are not really an addict, maybe it is only showing how much you truly love your pets. Some people are addicted to going to the malls,…