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Cat Behavior – Learn To Identify Bad Cat Behavior And Eliminate It

Do you have a misbehaving cat? Inappropriate cat behavior can normally be lumped into just a few categories, and then dealt with. One rule you must remember, never try to train your cat multiple new behaviors at one time. Choose the one behavior which is either most dangerous to your cat, or is most annoying to you, and then work to eliminate it before moving on to another behavioral problem.

Attention Seeking Behavior is one of the most common problems with cats. This can be in the form of constant irritating meowing, rubbing against you, or scratching at your legs. We love the fact our cats want our attention, but not constantly. You need to identify what is missing in your cat’s life which is causing them to crave so much attention. Are they being mistreated or left alone too often. Are they begging for food? By identifying the lack in their life you can begin to correct this problem quickly.

Aggressive Cat Behavior is the trait which ends with many cats heading to a pet shelter or being given away. The sad news is the owner was probably the one who started this trait. When your cat was a kitten did you play with it allowing biting and scratching to be a part of normal play? While it was fun then, your cat still thinks it is fun. You will need to learn to discipline your cat using the scruffing technique to break the habit. When your cat scratches or bites, grab them by the scruff of the neck, gently, but firmly push them downward and tell them NO in a very firm voice. Hold them down for just a couple seconds and then release them. Do not apologize to your cat when they go hiding for a while. They are learning their lesson.

Another common bad cat behavior is destructively chewing on items. This one is often not only destructive, but can be dangerous to the cat. Many cats have been seriously injured while chewing on electrical cords. Your best options on this behavior is to make the object inaccessible to your cat, or to make them taste horrible. In the example of the electrical cords using a commercially available spray, like hot peppers, or bitter apples, will quickly discourage their interest.

Clawing furniture is the one behavior which often results in terrible damage to both furniture, and too often to cats. Your cat has a need and strong desire to claw. You will not eliminate this behavior, so your best choice is to redirect it. Get a good quality scratching post and use catnip or other attractants to make it your cats favorite spot for clawing. Never have your cat declawed unless you really understand the damaging aspects of this operation. It not only leaves your cat defenseless, it leaves them injured.

Cat behavior can be frustrating at times, but with a little effort and by focusing on one problem at a time the bad behavior can be reduced and eliminated. The biggest training problem may be getting yourself to take the time to learn and apply the lessons in modifying your cats behavior. Are you up to the task?

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