Tropical Fish Species – Getting Great Freshwater Species For Your Home

tropical fish species

Those big aquariums look great in our homes and offices adding beauty, interest, and a calming piece of nature. The easiest to care for aquariums are freshwater. Choosing great freshwater tropical fish species will help make your aquarium a real conversation piece. One of the keys to having a great looking aquarium is having a … Read more

Bearded Dragons – Should A Beardie Be Your First Reptile?

bearded dragons

Bearded Dragons have established a strong reputation for being ideal first reptiles. They are fairly easy to care for and have a great disposition. Bearded Dragons are not a large lizard. They grow to approximately two feet long making them tiny compared to the staggering 6 feet lengths of Iguanas and Monitor Lizards. With a … Read more

Toilet Training Cats – Why Clean A Litter Box, Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet

cat toilet training

Toilet training cats? At first glance, you would believe this is an impossible task. In reality, it is a fairly easy training process, it just takes time, patience, and persistence. Before we start talking about your cat, we need to discuss you and your family. When you choose to toilet train your cat, your family’s … Read more