Reptile Lighting – It Is Not About Your Vision But About Their Survival

reptile lighting

Reptile lighting is one of the most crucial elements in your successful setup of a reptile habitat. While the lighting is going to help you see your pet, it is not the primary function. The core function of reptile lighting is to provide heat for your reptiles. Being cold blooded creatures they cannot produce or … Read more

Goldfish Tanks – Successful Goldfish Owners Use The Right Tanks

goldfish tanks

Are you ready to have goldfish in your home? Have you already started shopping for an aquarium to keep them in? Before you buy you must understand what successful goldfish owners already understand. Goldfish tanks should never be one of the starter aquarium kits you find in your local superstore. Goldfish are very interesting little … Read more

Pet Value – Can You Put A Price On Your Pet?

pet value

Pet stores do it all the time. Breeders are comfortable with the process. What is the pet value of your cute pet? Why can a breeder and pet store owner do it so easily, and you find it nearly impossible. What is the value of your pet? If you ask a pet store owner the … Read more