Pet Water Fountain – Quit Letting Your Pet Drink Dirty Water

pet water fountain

Just look in that water bowl. Even when you change the water often it always seems a little dirty and disgusting. Switching to a pet water fountain allow you to provide better quality water to your pets while decreasing your work. Sounds almost like a miracle. You can give your dog or cat fresher water … Read more

Designer Dog Accessories – Who Should Have Better Outfits, You or Your Dog?

designer dog accessories

In many families our dogs are just a precious as our children, sometimes they are the children. When you love your dogs like your own children, it is completely sensible to outfit them in designer dog accessories to make them look special and fabulous. Designer dog accessories may not carry the designer labels we expect … Read more

Cichlid Tropical Fish – Over 2000 Reasons One May Be In Your Tank

cichlid tropical fish

Cichlid tropical fish are nature’s diversity at work. Over 2000 separate varieties of cichlid have been identified so far, and scientists are confident they will find many more, expecting to find up to 3000 separate varieties. This very diverse family of fish have different species ranging in save for only inches long to over 2 … Read more