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Domestic Cat Breeds – Surprisingly More Meow Than You May Expect

Are you ready to get a registered breed cat for your home? You may have started giving it some serious thought and came up with a Persian, a Siamese, an American Shorthair, and a few other varieties of domestic cat breeds. Do you have any idea how many breeds you may be overlooking? You could be missing out on the perfect cat, and never even knew it existed.
Would you be surprised to learn there are over 80 different domestic cat breeds? Each of these breeds has a unique, and sometimes …

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Yorkshire Canary – The Incredibly Beautiful Canary

A Yorkshire canary is one of the most prized birds to add to your home. It is one of the favorite birds in shows, and for display around the world. What makes the Yorkshire so special?
Breeding is the secret to this exciting bird. The Yorkshire canary is not a naturally occurring bird. This breed was developed over many years around the mid 1800’s. This canary was bred to take the best aspects of the Norwich, Lancashire, and Belgian canaries creating an exciting new breed. The name Yorkshire comes from the …

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Dog Food Comparison – Expensive Dog Food Is Not Always Better

Do you know what to look for in your dog food? Were you under the impression all dog food was just about the same, except for the differences in the pretty packaging and the crazy differences in prices? By doing a dog food comparison you will discover some very large differences in how the foods are made.
One of the first things you must watch for when doing a dog food comparison is how much of the mixture is good quality food and how much is fillers like corn. To give …

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Dog Training Hand Signals – Do You Know The Standard Signals?

Training your dog is always a challenge. Do you only use verbal commands or also physical signals? Unknown to many people, even when they believe they are only giving verbal signals they give their dog even more input with their head tilts, the movements of their bodies, and even minor hand movements. For the best training, it is good to use dog training hand signals, and to stay with the standard signals used by dog trainers around the world.
One of the first commands most owners want their dog to understand …

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Heated Cat Bed – The Lazy Days and Lazy Nights of A Pampered Cat

Are you getting tired of your cat crawling in your bed every night wanting to snuggle up to your feet? Your cat is not only seeking company, but they are seeking warmth. You can get your bed back and free up your feet with a heated cat bed.
A heated cat bed provides your cat with a refuge away from the cold and drafty floor. Once the cat learns the bed stays warm you will find them snuggled up peacefully sleeping during the day and the night.
What should you look for …

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Vegetarian Cat Food – It Is Time To Pounce On The Carrot, Not The Chicken

Are you a vegan or vegetarian and would like to change your cat from eating meats to eating a vegetarian diet? Vegetarian cat food is readily available to help you make the transition, but before you buy you need to understand the potential consequences.
Your cat is a predator. A cat’s body and digestive system has developed through centuries to process the proteins and flesh of other animals. While this sounds cruel, it is a simple fact of nature. Cats have developed certain dietary needs which are met by eating high …