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Domestic Cat Breeds – Surprisingly More Meow Than You May Expect

Are you ready to get a registered breed cat for your home? You may have started giving it some serious thought and came up with a Persian, a Siamese, an American Shorthair, and a few other varieties of domestic cat breeds. Do you have any idea how many breeds you may be overlooking? You could be missing out on the perfect cat, and never even knew it existed.
Would you be surprised to learn there are over 80 different domestic cat breeds? Each of these breeds has a unique, and sometimes …

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Bearded Dragons – Should A Beardie Be Your First Reptile?

Bearded Dragons have established a strong reputation as being ideal first reptiles. They are fairly easy to care for and have a great disposition.
Bearded Dragons are not a large lizard. They grow to approximately two feet long making them tiny compared to the staggering 6 feet lengths of Iguanas and Monitor Lizards. With a life expectancy of around 10 years you will be enjoying your new pet for a long time.
One aspect of the Bearded Dragons most owners appreciate is their diet. Instead of needing to worry about mice, smaller …

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Shubunkin – Superior Toughness and Color In The Shubunkin Goldfish

One big challenge facing any pond or aquarium owner is keeping their fish alive. They want their fish to last for a long time, going from season to season. The Shubunkin is one of the toughest, most resilient pond or aquarium fish you can buy, only matched by the more boring common goldfish.
The Shubunkin looks very similar to the common goldfish in body style. The size, shape, tail, and fins all look very much alike. The startling difference is in body color. The Shubunkin has perhaps the widest array of …

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Goldfish Tanks – Successful Goldfish Owners Use The Right Tanks

Are you ready to have goldfish in your home? Have you already started shopping for an aquarium to keep them in? Before you buy you must understand what successful goldfish owners already understand. Goldfish tanks should never be one of the starter aquarium kits you find in your local superstore.
Goldfish are very interesting little fish for a little while. When you first buy them they are commonly only an inch or two long. They are very small and cute. What you may be overlooking is how fast and large your …

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Pet Insurance Quotes – What You Must Watch For Carefully

Insurance is always a game of trying to interpret the legal talk in the policies and quotes we are given. Pet insurance quotes are no different. They are filled with little items which if not noticed can leave you paying a major medical bill out of your own pocket.
One of the sneaky little things in pet insurance quotes are all of the exemptions you might overlook. Many breeds of dogs and cats have particular health weaknesses. They may be more prone to cancer, or digestive problems, or even hip failure. …

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Hills Prescription Diet Cat Food – It Could Be Just What The Vet Orders

Not all cat foods are made equally. When your pet has unique dietary needs due to allergies or a health condition your veterinarian may tell you Hill’s Prescription Diet Cat Food is what you need. Hill’s Pet is the pet food company veterinarians turn to when solving difficult dietary issues.
Hill’s provides specialized blends and formulations for treating bladder problems, skin issues, and to eliminate causes of allergies. Many of their products are created to give additional supplementation, vitamins, and minerals to treat a wide variety of cat health issues. Here …